Georgina Martin Sexy Picture Sunset

Hi beautiful 🌸 obviously I know you so well, so I felt like the Bleu de Vous customers need to know a little bit more about YOU. Because you are not only Beautiful, you are smart and passionate!

Here some questions for you 🙂 💗

Georgina Martin Laying Beach AustraliaWE did such a beautiful shoot together in Australia, at 6 am to catch the sunrise 🌅 what was your favourite part of the shoot and why?
Yes, one of the most beautiful mornings – we watch the sunrise come up while shooting – It was my favourite moment

– the shoot was very raw and very me & you / you can see from the moves it didn’t really feel like a shoot it was just me and my bestie being us playing about – with the photographer catching these moments of us

If you had to choose one pieces from the new collection what would you pick ? And how would you wear it?
Definitely the grace dress – it’s so beautiful on – i would wear it on a summer evening with big Statement earings (gold) and some summer wedges with a small bag to pull it in together 😍

How do you stay bikini ready all year long? What’s your favourite workout and food plan?
Bikini ready… crazy if not I love working out it makes me so happy… right now I’m addicted to hot yoga I go everyday – and I love boxing 2/3 times a week I try to work out 6 Times a week – not to keep skinny more for my mind set… food plan I’m a vegan – but I adore cooking meals at home – eating very clean and when I feel like it eating what I like – it’s all about balance

What’s your favourite skin care products? And facial treatment?
My favourite skin care products mmm I use a lot but right now I adore – facial treatment I go once a week to get a facial Called “Ledd Light” it’s a healing light you sit under for 15mins and kills all the bad stuff

How your dream vacation looks like and with who ?
Dream vacation… would be Africa going on a adventurer to see all the wild life- with my besttieeee (you)

Who’s your men/women’s crush and why?
Man crush (we know already) keeping it shhh 😂
Girl crush mmmmm – Candice (vs model) WOW

Who inspire you the most?
Who inspire me the most… my father – I was brought up to work hard you only get in life what you put in – nothing in life is free – work brings freedom

What job do you think you’d be really good at?
Florist- ITS MY DREAM – to have my own little flower shop – in a few years!

What’s your next destination in the world?
Right now, I’m in LA – I think next is Cannes for the movie festival! then I would love to go to Mexico Straight after


Georgina Martin and Chloe Lecareau shooting Australia

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