You Blue Parade in Cannes

We participate in the event organized by Girls Boss to highlight women entrepreneurs and offer a parade for the benefit of Rose-Azur, a Nice association which accompanies women in their healing journey and helps raise funds to fight against cancer. breast.


This event will take place at Palm Beach and one of you will have the privilege of accompanying us…..

Thank you for giving us your contact details to have the privilege of participating in this beautiful event.

The evening will take place at the Palm Beach in Cannes, we will announce the date soon.

Good for you.


Bleu de Vous pop-up store

"After the opening of our first Bleu de Vous store in Mauritius, we are delighted to announce that a Bleu de Vous concept store will be launched in the South-East of France before the summer ☀️

You will find our collection of swimwear and other brands that you will love to discover...

We will reveal the address very soon …….

See you soon.



Swimwear: the Bleu de Vous collective shoot

Bleu de Vous was invited to the south of France last July for a shoot that was out of the ordinary. Indeed, we have become aware of the fact that each of us is different and has the right (and the duty) to feel good in our skin but also in our swimsuit. We have therefore chosen to organize a group shoot, with young women who are all beautiful and different.

Bleu de Vous is a brand intended for all women of all ages and body types. In a society that is still evolving on the subject, we wanted to emphasize that the S is not a universal size. No woman needs to model to prove she's beautiful. 

We posted an announcement on our Instagram account marking the start of the contest. We specified that everyone could participate and that it was not necessary to have had experience in photography, modeling, or only doing S, to get started and apply. The goal was to have women who represented the diversity and beauty of today.

 After a few days and following the participation of around 500 candidates on social networks, we had to make a choice. We have selected 9 natural and highly motivated young women to participate in this shoot. We then arranged to meet them at the Tour de l'Esquillon in Théoule-sur-Mer. Then the young girls chose and wore several swimsuits from the new collection of eco-friendly swimwear Pin-Up, as well as other models like triangle bikinis and sequined bandeaus.

During this shoot, the goal was to let them live and act naturally so that they feel comfortable and can pose and be photographed simply. At the end of the photo session, they were able to choose and take the swimsuit of their choice.

Here are some testimonials from the participants:

Lisa (@lisecnp), 20 years old, in the third year of business school “The shoot went very well, with a great welcome and a great atmosphere. Everyone was really nice and they knew how to put us at ease! It was a very nice experience. I chose the Shiny triangle bikini because I really liked its cut and its color makes the swimsuit really elegant. »

Anna (@annaa.pth), 19 years old, in first year of medicine “I really liked this shoot because we were in a beautiful place and isolated from the other beaches. It was my very first photo shoot so I was quite stressed but very excited. (…) Everything went very well and the atmosphere was really friendly and warm! I chose the Shiny swimsuit because I thought it sparkled a lot and gave a luminous touch to tanned skin. »

Nastassia (@nastassia.rf), 18, studied physics in London “I was really delighted by the setting of the shoot and pleasantly surprised by the good atmosphere. I find that the Bleu de Vous team chose the models wonderfully because there was a great diversity of morphologies. We were warmly welcomed with snacks and meals at the hotel restaurant. I really fell in love with the Betty eco-friendly one-piece swimsuit. I was seduced by its blue color and its ruffled shoulders which make me think of Brigitte Bardot. In addition, it has a lifting effect that gives a pin-up silhouette. »

We would like to thank these beautiful young women for their enthusiasm and participation. The Bleu de Vous team was very happy with this day and we are very proud to show you the photos taken that day.

You can find all the swimwear and ready-to-wear collections on our online store.


Pin-Up: our new collection of eco-friendly swimwear

Vous is proud to present its latest ecological collection named Pin-Up! This collection released in June 2019 was inspired by the style of vintage underwear from the 70s. swimwear of this new collection made in Mauritius have been made with superior quality Italian fabric.

A modern and ecological fabric

This fabric is a premium recycled fabric in ECONYL® yarn named Vita. Vita is a regenerated 100% nylon yarn. It is made from pre and post-industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets, carpet lint (the upper part of nylon carpets that have reached the end of their useful life), tulle and many other wastes. All these “end of life” materials are recovered and processed for new use.

This sustainable techno-fabric turns waste problems into a fashion and a solution. Vita is versatile, hyper-resistant, thin, elegant, stretchy, soft and breathable. It represents a unique blend of muscle compression and comfort. Thanks to its innovative construction, it is twice as resistant to chlorine and oils and sunscreens as other fabrics.

Our eco-friendly swimwear are all lined with this fabric to "lift" the body. They adapt easily to the shapes of each person to feel as comfortable as possible, for maximum self-confidence. The sizes vary from S to XL because we wanted our customers to have a wide choice. Bleu de Vous is fully aware that we are all unique and different. You will find one-piece swimsuit models as well as two-piece swimsuits with beautiful colors such as blue and coral. You will then be able to buy beautiful eco-responsible and superior quality swimsuits without polluting. Pleasure here will not be guilty! 

Bleu de Vous: eco-responsible brand

Nowadays, fast fashion is more than present in our society. Although some brands are beginning to focus on ecology, most are not following the movement and designing very few clothes from recycled fabrics. It takes more effort and work and these reasons are often seen as barriers in the eyes of some.

Bleu de Vous takes this principle very seriously and it is for this reason that we have created this new collection of swimsuits. We are now positioning ourselves as an eco-responsible brand. To go back to the principle and for those who may not know it, we released another collection made up of a Jean jacket, a swimsuit and a bag, all made with eco-friendly fabric.

This denim jacket was designed only with recycled plastic bottles. One jacket alone contained the equivalent of 11 plastic bottles.

We now have the opportunity to make a gesture to preserve our planet. We have the opportunity to use a fabric superior to the basic quality. And it will continue to evolve, which will only be more positive for our environment. Thanks to this, we can take the guilt out of our customers' purchases, make them more responsible, while doing good for our planet.

We invite you to visit our online swimsuit site or in our store in Mauritius, in order to access all of our collections of bikinis and ready-to-wear. 


Eco-friendly recycled plastic jacket

Discover Chloé's interview for the Le Prescriptor website. She talks about the Bleu de Vous jacket in recycled plastic, but not only! Chloé also reveals her stylistic influences, her personal tastes and what motivates her to create eco-responsible clothing.

Find the full interview here.


Itinerary of a Happy Slasher

A look back at Chloé's latest interview for the Clinique website where she introduces us to her world: her beginnings in modeling, her personal style, her styling dreams and what inspired her to create the Bleu De Vous brand. Also discover the beautiful Clinique x Chloé and Chloé x Clinique collaboration as well as all the Clinique products that Chloé recommends!

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Interview – Chloe Lecareux

1. Tell us your name, age, occupation and where you currently reside:

My name is chloe , I'm 24 years old.
I am currently casting director at V Management, a talent management and PR agency, founder of bleu de vous, my swimwear line and a model/influencer.

I'm living between Paris, London, and Mauritius where my family lives (lucky them)🌞.

2. Tell us about you: (ie where you grew up; favorite past times; something most people don't know about you; etc.)

I grew up in France and my mom was moving every year in the country for work so I'm not really attached to any city in France.

I'm definitely a summer child, therefore my heart belongs to the south of France even if I was born in Paris.

3. Tell me about your journey in the fashion industry:

I was really young when I started modeling.
It happened by accident!
I was 15 Years old, waiting for my friend in front of the restroom when a scout ask me: ”how old are you?”. I was thinking that it was the security of the club so I pretend I was 18. After that I Moved to Paris to give it a try while I was studying stylism on the side.
In the beginning, it was only a money job but it became a full-time job really quickly. I don't regret anything, it was the perfect way to get other opportunities.
However, I'm really grateful of where I am now and I wouldn't go back to full time modeling.

4. What do you value most about your presence as an influencer and public figure?

It's quite funny I don't realize I'm an influencer as I'm working on so many other businesses on the side. However, I like the idea of having visibility and sharing my opinion and ideas.

5. Please describe your personal style and where you find inspiration (ie cultures, muses, art)?

I am a creative person therefore my brain is constantly creating new ideas and patterns. I'm also inspired and obsessed with vintage images. The idea of using the old to make never seen pieces suits me.

6. As a world traveller, what differences have you noticed in fashion and design from your life abroad compared to America?

I think fashion in France is way simpler. Women's are effortlessly chic.
While in America more is more.

7. What is the most fashion forward place you have experienced and why?

Nyc and London are like a melting pot of personality. It's like watching a rainbow, everything looks so different from each other it's really inspiring.

8. Tell us about Blue From You:

I always wanted to have my own brand
I was studying at ESMOD Paris when I was 16.

When the opportunity came to create my own pieces, I jumped on it. It's like the dream of a little girl becoming a reality.

9. Where do you find inspiration for your collections and what can we look forward to?

I wish I was born in the 70s-80s
All my inspirations are from Lauren Hutton, Romy Schneider, Ursula Andress. Vintage Sport illustrated etc… I really want to do develop more sustainable collection in the future. We have only one earth!

10. What is your go to beauty look? Go to fashion look?

Im really single in real life. A really comfortable dress, a nude makeup and a good mascara. And I am ready for the show haha!

11. What can we expect next for Chloe Lecareux:

A lot of things trust me sometimes I surprise myself how many ideas comes to my migoo on a daily basis.

12. Final words: Anything you would like to say to our readers?

Be yourself and trust the journey.

Georgina Martin Sexy Picture Sunset

Georgina Martin's interview

Hello beauty, of course, I know you so well that I put myself in the shoes of the Blue consumers of you who need to know a little more about you. Because you're not only beautiful, you're also smart and passionate!

Here are some questions for you 🙂

Georgina Martin Laying Beach AustraliaON shot such a sublime shot in Australia, at 6am to capture the sunrise*. What was your favorite moment from the shoot and why?
Yes, one of my most beautiful mornings – we were watching the sunrise during the “shooting” – it was my favorite moment.

– the shoot was very raw and very intimate (me and you) / you can see from the movement that it wasn't like a classic shot it was just me and my best friend playing together – and the photographer capturing those moments from U.S

-If you had to choose a piece from your new collection, which one would you choose? And how would you wear it?
Definitely Grace's dress – it's so beautiful – I'll wear it on a summer evening with big earrings (gold) with summer sandals and a small bag to match everything.


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