Bleu de Vous decided to go to the south of France last July for an out of the ordinary photo shoot.  Indeed, we are aware of the fact that each of us is different and has the right (and duty) to feel good about ourselves and our swimsuits. So we decided to organize a collective photo shoot, with beautiful and different young women.

Bleu de Vous is a brand for all women of all ages and morphologies. In a society that is still evolving on the subject, we wanted to emphasize the fact that the S is not a universal size. No woman needs to be a model to prove she’s beautiful. 

We posted an announcement on our Instagram account marking the start of the contest. We made it clear that everyone could participate and that it was not necessary to have any experience in photography, modeling, or just have a small size, to get started and apply. We aimed to gather girls who represented today diversity and beauty. 

After a few days and following the participation of about 500 candidates on social networks, we had to make a choice. We selected 9 natural and highly motivated girls to participate in this photo shoot. We then gave them an appointment at the Tour de l’Esquillon in Théoule-sur-Mer. Then the girls chose and wore several swimsuits from the new Pin-Up ecological swimsuit collection, as well as other models such as triangle sequined bikinis.

During this photo shoot, the goal was to let them live and act naturally so that they feel comfortable and could pose and be photographed in a simple way. In the end, they chose and took with them the swimsuit they preferred.

Here are some testimonies from the participants:

Lise (@lisecnp), 20 years old, in her third year of business school « The shooting went very well, with a great welcome and a great atmosphere. Everyone was really nice and they made us feel comfortable! It was a very nice experience. I chose the Shiny triangle bikini because I really liked its cut and its colour makes the swimsuit really elegant. »

Anna (@annaa.pth), 19 years old, in her first year of medical school « I really enjoyed this shooting because we were in a beautiful place and isolated from the other beaches. It was my very first photo shoot so I was quite stressed but very excited. (…) Everything went very well and the atmosphere was really friendly and warm! I chose the Shiny swimsuit because I thought it shone brightly and brought a luminous touch to tanned skin. »

Nastassia (@nastassia.rf), 18 years old, studied physics in London “I was really delighted by the shooting and pleasantly surprised by the good atmosphere. I think that the Bleu de Vous team chose the models perfectly because there were a nice diversity of morphologies. We were very warmly welcomed with snacks and meals at the hotel restaurant. I had a real crush on the Betty ecological one-piece swimsuit. I was seduced by its blue colour and its shoulders with a frill that remind me of Brigitte Bardot. In addition, it has a lifting effect that gives a pin-up figure. » 

We would like to thank these beautiful young women for their enthusiasm and participation. The Bleu de Vous team was very happy about this day and we are very proud to show you the pictures taken that day.

You can find all the swimsuit and ready-to-wear collections on our online store. 

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