At the Atelier, we’ve been thinking a lot about sustainability. We love fashion, and shopping, for sure! But how can we indulge in a way that’s friendlier to our planet? It’s a question with plenty of answers (many of them imperfect!), and a path that seemingly never ends.

That’s just one of the reasons why we loved meeting Chloe! As you can tell, Chloe is a super chic, French model with je ne sais quoi coming out of her eyeballs. But there’s more! Chloe is a designer, as well. She launched her Mauritius-based brand, Bleu de Vous, with swimwear and casual pieces, many of which are eco-friendly. The jacket she wears here contains 11 recycled plastic bottles, which we love!

All this AND you know we dig a girl who rocks a dress with casual snakers. So please, meet Chloe!

Source: Atelier Doré